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One of my favorite memories from my wedding is the peh baek ceremony. I was hesitant about having it but it was the only time of the wedding day when I got to sit face to face with my relatives and have them share their experiences about marriage.

Cliff & Janette held their peh baek ceremony the day after their wedding. It was a beautiful warm day in September and the relatives were enjoying a nice meal, taking it easy out in the back yard. The excitement from the previous day was still on everyone’s face. Here is little peek into one of my favorite Korean traditions.

I had the privilege of covering Katherine’s St. John’s College High School class of 2012 graduation at the Basilica of the National Shrine. It was my first time at the basilica and I was awe. I thought I was back in Italy for a moment. The graduation ceremony itself was rich with traditions. I started to reminisce my high school graduation . . . ahhhh, to be so young & carefree.

Congratulations class of 2012!