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I hope everyone was able to stay warm and safe this past week in the DC metro area. Can you believe at one point 49 states had snow? 2010 Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse/Snoverkill brought much chaos to our area but I absolutely loved every inch of snow that fell. I was thankful for extra time I was able to spend with my Dear Husband, sipping on hot chocolate and eating all the junk food around the house. We’ve been procrastinating big time on baby’s nursery but since we were trapped indoors by mother nature, we got started and its almost complete! Pictures coming soon!!

The snow almost put a damper on my plans with baby Alaina. Almost . . . How could I pass on an opportunity to photograph this face?? I wanted to nibble on her cheeks the entire time!

Dashing: adj.
1. Audacious and gallant; spirited.
2. Marked by showy elegance; splendid: a dashing coat.

That would be the word to describe a birthday boy who arrives to his birthday party in a tuxedo with matching pink bow tie & cummerbund. Ryon celebrated his 1st birthday party/dohl at Hee Been Restaurant in Alexandria, VA. Happy 1st Ryon!




To see rest of the party photos, check out the slideshow.

It feels like it was only yesterday since Micah’s mom contacted me about documenting Micah’s first year. I can’t believe a year has already passed! Mom and I have been bouncing ideas for his first birthday party (korean dol) for some time now and to see everything come together was a real treat. Even the snow didn’t stop friends and family from gathering to celebrate Micah’s big day. GOOD TIMES!

Check out this cool feature on my new blog – SLIDESHOWS! I love my new blog, I really really really do! Here’s a slideshow from Micah’s 1 year portrait session as well as his birthday party. I’ve also included some of my favorite images from the past year. *sniff sniff* They’re growing up way too fast.

Feb 01, 2010

Saturday morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise. BIG PILE OF SNOW!! And who doesn’t like surprises??

I had a busy morning and was thankful that I made it safely to my scheduled events. (Micah, your party photos will be posted soon!) But here are some photos of my dear niece in the snow. She was busy trying to clear up the drive way rather than to pose for photos but I couldn’t resist clicking away.

Mommy and Daughter . . . a beautiful pair.