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Miller’s Professional Imaging has started their annual Baby & Child Contest for 2010 and I am incredibly honored to be one of five winners in 1st round’s Color category !  HOLLAR~~~!!!   Check out the winning image, “Cheeky Baby”.

In 2009, they  had over 11,426 entries and they already have more entries this year.  For those that have sessions between now and June 10th, let me know at the time of your session if you would be interested in entering the contest!

  • Round 1 (March): Post Entries – March 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – March 22 – 31.
  • Round 2 (April): Post Entries – April 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – April 22 – 30.
  • Round 3 (May): Post Entries – May 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – May 22 – 31.
  • Round 4 (June): Post Entries – June 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – June 22 – 30.

For each qualifying round, the top five winners will be selected from the four categories. These winning portraits will be entered into the Final Round, which takes place during the month of July. The Final Round will be judged online by a panel of esteemed photographers. First, Second, and Third places, as well as two Honorable Mentions, will be announced for each category! Cash prizes for these winners include $2,000 for First, $1,000 for Second, $750 for Third, and $500 for each Honorable Mention. One portrait from the Final Round will also receive the highest of accolades — Grand Prize Winner. The cash prize will be $5,000 for this lucky winner! All cash prizes will be given to the families of the winning portraits.

So good luck and book your portrait session today!!  And congratulations to baby Alaina for the 1st round win!