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This little cutie pie is one tough baby. He’s so tough, he rather go barefoot than wear his shoes. 😉

Hudson will be celebrating his first birthday during the 4th of July weekend. The party will be a BLAST.

Details, details, details . . . Its all in the details. Three months have passed already since I’ve joined mommyhood. Its been the fastest 3 months even though it feels like Jonah has been in my life forever. He’s changed so much and its changed my perspective for newborn photography.

For baby Cassie’s session, I wanted to capture lots and lots and lots and lots of details from head to toe. I’m sure she’s changed so much since the photo session.

Preparation is one of the most important factors to having a successful portrait session. I plan the session weeks in advance, choosing the location & time, and hoping mother nature would let’s us do our thang! But sometimes spontaneity comes into the mix and throws me in for a loop. Like the time when I met Mattie. As I approached the area where we were supposed to have the session, a big banner on the streets read “VIVA VIENNA FESTIVAL”. I’ve never seen Vienna filled with so many people. So after a quick consult with Mattie’s parents, we relocated to a near by place in Tyson’s corner, VA. And being spontaneous was actually a lot of fun!

Here’s my time with Mattie.

It was good to see an old familiar face after I got back from my maternity leave. I swear its been only few months since I’ve photographed Olivia’s newborn & 3 month (100 Day/Baek-il) sessions but she’s already 9 months old!

I usually photograph babies under 1 year of age indoors but O’s mom and I agreed that Olivia was ready so we went on a little adventure. Whenever we saw a nice field with pretty flowers, we just pulled over . . . sometimes right along the Parkway! I love the results!! Need to give O’s mom a big shout out for these inspirations! THANK YOU!

I’M BACK! And things are back in full swing.

This past weekend I met sweet Spencer. He’s having his first birthday (dohl) party in 2 weeks and we met up for his portrait session in Old Town, Alexandria. I couldn’t get enough of his cheeks! Looking forward to celebrating the BIG 1!!

If you’re planning first korean birthday (dohl) in the DC metro area, please contact!