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Congratulations to “Cheeky baby” parents Miso Kim and Shawn Kim!

I entered a portrait from Alaina’s session in the Miller’s Baby and Child contest and it won Honorable Mention! They also receive a $500 cash prize!! Alaina’s birthday came early!! ūüėÄ

As for me, this is a dream come true and I’m speechless! Last year over 11,000 entries were submitted and this year there were … See More entries. God is Good!

Check out rest of the winning images at Miller’s Lab.

I knew I had to photograph this little guy just by hearing his name. Baby Clive. ¬†As some of you may know, my favorite actor of all time is Clive Owen! ¬†YUMMY! ¬†I have a soft spot for British accents. ¬†But SERIOUSLY . . .¬†¬†Newborn babies. ¬†Who can ever resist them? ¬†His mommy confessed that she can’t resist giving him million kisses when he’s sleeping. ¬†Luckily, I know the feeling.

Hello World!

After setting up previous pose, this is what I looked up to.  Hilare!!!!
iPhone camera in action!

Nori is one of my newborns from last year. ¬†You can see her newborn session HERE. ¬†And another one who’s all grown up.

Nori lives in a fabulous neighborhood with beautiful homes, lots of picket fences, lake park and even an mansion for private events!  Its pleasantville!!  Every corner was picture perfect.

Here’s Nori . . . all grown up!

Bram’s mom contacted me 2 weeks prior to his birthday party. (BTW, how cool is that name?) Due to unfortunate circumstances, she had to start planning Bram’s party decorations from scratch . . . that left her 14 days to plan his party!

But 14 days was all this mama needed. I’ve attended MANY dols in the past but this was one of the best decorated dols. She kept it traditional yet simple and it really worked! And I couldn’t step away from the candy bar!! You know she has good taste when you see Georgetown cupcakes being served.

Who needs to JD degree when you can plan a party like this in 14 days? ūüôā

Doljabi Poster by the talented folks over at Dohl Posters and More.

I wasn’t the only adult who couldn’t stay away from the candy bar!

Power of newborns . . . no one can resist them! Not even the waiting staff at the restaurant!

A year has already gone by since I photographed Ella’s newborn session and she’s going to celebrate her 1st birthday! I’ve been fortunate to photograph this family every year since Mason’s first birthday party 3 years ago. He’s all grown up and now its his sister’s turn to party it up in couple of weeks. But first, Ella’s portrait session. Enjoy!