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Feb 12, 2014

Week 6 starts with another ice storm for the DC area. While I can appreciate the beautiful cold winter, I am certainly looking forward to Spring.

Day 36

Day 37
As a second child, he usually takes naps in the car and is always waiting on his older brother. I’m glad Joshua makes the most of it by having his own fun. While we wait for his brother to get out from art class, he ran around the rec center screaming “whhhhheeeeeeeee~!” I’m happy for his positive attitude.


Day 38
Pre-Valentine’s ice cream Date


Day 39 – iPhone
Recently, one of my friends posted on their facebook that best part about being a parent to his kids is that he gets to be a kid again. Everyone had a great time at D&B but guess who had the most fun? Hint: He’s the oldest one in the picture.


Day 40
“Look Mommy! I’m making a shadow!”


Day 41
Arrrrg matey!!!


Day 42
Just when I thought to myself how nice it was to have our family escape the flu season, all of us is under the weather. Our couch has become a sick bed, each taking a turn napping on it. Nothing makes my heart heavier than to see the little ones sick. Precious and sad sight.


Feb 05, 2014

Day 29
“Here we go!”

Day 30
I know he’ll make many new friends throughout his life but for now, these two are part of his preschool posse.

Day 31 – iPhone
Dinner and movie night (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) with cousins.

Day 32
When the water is turned on, this one is right there.

Day 33
We are thankful for the warm weather that we’ve received today. Looking for Spring to come around quickly.

Day 34
Her eyes turn into two crescent moons when she smiles.

Day 35
Playing around with new toys that he got from weekend’s party favor bag.