Jan 08, 2014

Day 1/365
I’m terrified of this project but every year I end up asking the same question . . . to 365 or not. And I just made up my mind.
Let’s do this.
Here are my three little crazies. Jonah – 3.75 yrs, Joshua – 26 months and Phoebe 4 weeks.
Bring it on 2014!~

Day 2/365
Its Christmas again in January. With loving aunties and uncles, these boys keep getting spoiled! They must’ve been REAL good last year.

Day 3/365
Only the 3rd day of the new year and SNOW! We didn’t have much time so we built what we could. I thought our Olaf came out rather cute. LOL.


Day 4/365
Joshie Moshie: Our second, the middle child, the wild one. 2 years old. Fearless. He’s the king of our jungle.


Day 5/365
It might be just facial reflexes but I say she’s giving a wink. Like she’s already got it all figured out in her short life time.


Day 6/365
At her 1 month check up. Showing off her incredible neck strength.


Day 7/365
It was little too quiet around the house when I noticed it was little past his nap time . . .