Jan 26, 2014

Day 15

At first I was really nervous how you would be towards your baby sister. Would you be jealous? Would you not care? But from the first moment you saw her, from the first poke on her cheek . . . you let us know that you completely adore her.

Day 16

Fresh water monster.

Day 17

Daddy’s treat for the boys when he comes back from work. Kinder Surprise! I wonder what’s inside!

Day 18

Bubble bath goodness.

Day 19

Boys club 2014. Need to this photo again in 15 years.

Day 20

While boys were away, mommy and baby spent some quality time. My love baby gurrrrl!

Day 21

With the weather forecast predicting biggest snow fall in 3 years, she slept peacefully.

Jan 15, 2014

Day 8

After what it felt like a never ending winter break (2.5 weeks + polar vortex freezing cold day + snow day delay), school routines are finally back in track.

Day 9

Jonah got his hair did.

Day 10

What do you do on a gloomy, wet January afternoon? Slumber nap party in mommy & daddy’s bed. Wish the oldest would nap and join in.

Day 11

This is how our family celebrates. Korean BBQ spicy pork with soju. NOM NOM NOM~

Day 12

Baby girl will learn quickly that this family does a lot of kisses. Lots and lots and lots of squish face kisses. And she’s going to like it.

Day 13

I could hear the hesitation in his voice as I was putting the helmet on his head. “Mommy, I don’t think this is a good idea.”
The cold weather finally gave us a break and we took his Christmas scooter out for the first time. He was cautious at first but with each stride, he gained more confidence and started to really enjoy himself. Milestone check list: Scooter Training – CHECK! Next up . . . Bicycle training.

Day 14

From Northern VA to Seattle, WA . . . wishing daddy a wonderful birthday.

Jan 08, 2014

Day 1/365
I’m terrified of this project but every year I end up asking the same question . . . to 365 or not. And I just made up my mind.
Let’s do this.
Here are my three little crazies. Jonah – 3.75 yrs, Joshua – 26 months and Phoebe 4 weeks.
Bring it on 2014!~

Day 2/365
Its Christmas again in January. With loving aunties and uncles, these boys keep getting spoiled! They must’ve been REAL good last year.

Day 3/365
Only the 3rd day of the new year and SNOW! We didn’t have much time so we built what we could. I thought our Olaf came out rather cute. LOL.


Day 4/365
Joshie Moshie: Our second, the middle child, the wild one. 2 years old. Fearless. He’s the king of our jungle.


Day 5/365
It might be just facial reflexes but I say she’s giving a wink. Like she’s already got it all figured out in her short life time.


Day 6/365
At her 1 month check up. Showing off her incredible neck strength.


Day 7/365
It was little too quiet around the house when I noticed it was little past his nap time . . .